You might be wondering how to make use of some of Instagram’s newer features, including IGTV and Instagram stories. Instagram reaches millions of people worldwide daily, and it’s no surprise that many businesses include this social media channel in their marketing mix. In fact, according to Business Insider, 400 million people watch IG stories every day!

By creating a marketing strategy that is almost guaranteed to reach a wider, measurable audience than more traditional methods, IG stories allow for a more approachable look into what a business has to offer. Many businesses find success using IG stories, and that includes well known brands such as Aritzia, Gymshark, HelloFresh, and many more. There is no limit to what you can advertise and these different companies prove that success can be found using IG stories across the board.

It’s never been easier to connect with customers

Instagram Stories have created an entirely new way for businesses to engage with their target audience. By introducing features such as polls, Q&As, and reactions, IG stories allow for the consumer to engage with your brand like never before. 

Gaining direct insight into what consumers want is a valuable tool to be able to keep up with trends and adjust your target course as necessary. These features are also much more approachable for the consumer and allow them to engage with businesses easily and conveniently. 

Help your audience find what they’re looking for

IG stories provide ways to monitor statistics with ease, allowing businesses to see which posts have generated more engagement than others. Connectivity is encouraged and businesses are able to have consumers click links or ‘swipe up’ on the stories to be taken directly to the a target website. By pairing a direct connection to the consumer with clear feedback and statistics, it has never been easier to know what people are looking for.

Achieve powerful brand impact

Providing consumers with simple but effective imagery is the key to instagram stories. Many stories only appear for a matter of seconds, so catching the eye of the consumer is your goal. While this can result in a quick and easy way for consumers to notice you, it’s up to you to keep their attention. 

It’s best to use high quality, styled photos and videos, cohesive and coordinating colour schemes, and modern additions such as stickers or GIFs. Some of these novelties are interactive, which provides an opportunity for you to get feedback all while staying casual and concise. The platform is set up for this exact goal, and provides businesses with all the tools necessary to achieve their desired image. Some ideas for great IG stories:

  • Behind the scenes footage
  • New product announcements
  • Special events footage
  • Reposts of other on-brand IG stories

Create a strategy to make the most of your IG stories

Marketing through Instagram allows you to stay on top of the newest trends. Your business will be surrounded by other brands, influencers, and consumers—and that will keep you on your game! To make the most of IG stories, you’ll want to create a robust content plan that will keep you posting consistently engaging clips. Knowing your audience, learning what they want, and delivering that through IG stories is a sure fire way to ensure a business will be seen.

Ultimately, IG stories are one of the biggest opportunities in a digital wave for marketing businesses and brands. Story posts generate a lot of engagement, appeal to a large audience, and allow for quick conversions as links are built in! Instagram stories offers businesses a way to stay on top of their marketing and to connect with their audience like never before. 

~ Contributed by Madelaine Gaskell

What are your thoughts on Instagram marketing? Do you have any challenges with coming up with consistent IG story ideas? Leave a message in the comments!